Residential Home Inspector

Company Overview

Our mission is to provide quality construction projects, in a timely manner, to provide sustainable profits through repeatable high-level execution. We strictly adhere to company processes and procedures which will allow us to be scalable at any level. We also hold tightly to our company’s Core Values. We continually seek a vision of God’s will for us in our professional and personal lives and ask that He bless our work, but not that He do it for us.

Full Job Description

Inspectors evaluate residential property conditions to identify necessary repairs and ensure quality of completed repairs following construction. A home inspector needs to have proper education and training to cover the broad spectrum of building standards throughout the various years that a home may have been built. A home inspection is not a building code violation inspection; however, the Inspector should have specific building standards knowledge and understand reasons and methods for building standards. Good communication and flexibility are the key skills for a successful home inspector. 

Skills and Qualifications

  • The Inspector will conduct inspections on residential properties to check for compliance and assess if there are hazards or structural defects
  • Inspections include but are not limited to examining both the interior and exterior of the property (infrastructure, electrical and plumbing systems, water quality, crawlspaces and roofs) 
  • Create detailed documentation using report writing software to deliver inspection findings (repair estimates, floor plan layouts, extensive photos, illustrations of construction details)
  • Have the aptitude and ability to conduct professional conversations with homeowners
  • Ability to utilize Google Suite for meetings, documentation and communication 
  • Ability to pass all employment screening and technical knowledge exams

Physical requirements

A home inspector should be in good physical shape and condition as they will often be performing the following physical tasks:

  • Carrying, setting up and climbing a 20-foot telescopic ladder
  • Accessing and walking on various roof materials
  • Accessing and traversing attic spaces (tight spaces and high temperatures are common), good balance and equilibrium are needed
  • Accessing and traversing under structure crawl spaces (tight spaces, often contain pests, remnants of pests, insects, spider webs, moisture, electrical and other components of the foundation of a structure)
  • Ability to work in high-temperature environments (Summer) and low temperature and wet environments (Winter). 
  • Ability to work outside is required, no matter what type of weather on the day of the inspection


        • High school or equivalent (Preferred)
        • Construction Experience: 2 years (Preferred)
        • Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license and insurance (Required)
        • Ability to lift 50 lbs. (Required)


        1. Complete the questionnaire

        The first step in our process is to complete the following assessment that all candidates working through the process must take upfront. *This step is required before your resume will be considered
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