Baby Boomers Are On The Move


Research shows that 6 million homeowners from the baby boomer generation are likely to move by 2020.

According to research from Freddie Mac, the baby boomer generation (people who are 55+), are expected to move out of their current homes by the year 2020. Estimates show that this is a population of 6 million homeowners who are expected to move into rental properties, retirement homes or other living situations in the next few years.

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Survey results show what’s top priority for baby boomers when it comes to relocating.

1.Renting instead of buying a new home

More than half of the people surveyed believe it makes more financial sense for baby boomers to rent instead of own. They know renting requires less maintenance and easier living.

2. Amenities and Attractions

Top priorities for baby boomers include moving into a property that does not require upkeep or maintenance. They prefer amenities needed for retirement and would like walkable grounds.

3. Staying Close to Home and Family

55+ homeowners and renters prefer to stay closer to family and not move too far away from their current living situation.

What does this mean if you are 55+ and looking to relocate?

You may be thinking about retirement and possibly changing you’re living situation to fit your lifestyle. If this is something you’ve been pondering, we’ve got good news!

Many of our clients decide to sell their home for various reasons such as downsizing, retirement, relocating to a warmer climate or to move closer to their family. It is common that their home is in dire need of repairs and renovations that are expensive and labor intensive. This is why baby boomers choose to sell their home, hassle-free to Enlight Homebuyers.

We’ll take care of your home in ANY condition and we make the process as easy as possible in just 3 steps.

55+ Homeowners Plans for 2020

Live in my current home the rest of my life.
Move closer to other family members
Move closer to children or grandchildren
Move to a warmer climate
Move to a Retirement Community
Move in with adult children

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Testimonials from those we've helped

“We called TN Homebuyers because we liked the idea of being able to sell these without a lot of hassles. We really just wanted to be done with it all. They come up with something that would work for all of us and they made it so simple. There were several family members and they made the closing process easy for everyone, and we all had our money in just a few days. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Rhodes Family

“It was quick and easy. One of the most reputable home sellers in the state and they live up to there name. I have this duplex and I didn’t have the time to deal with the tenants that were there. It was out of repair and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I was dealing with codes being called on the tenant and was just tired of it. I loved working with the team and communicated with me with updates as needed. A great experience overall.”

– C. Hughes

“TN Homebuyers helped us sell our rental home without having to do a single thing. We looked at all of our options and decided that Tommy could provide the best and easiest solution. We were able to sell our home quickly with no hassles for a fair price and will call again when we are ready to sell another home. Thanks for everything.”

– S. Payne

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